current production time : Pack / Canopies 14 weeks
New features

- New leg wing air inlets that provides extremely rapid wing inflation and pressurisation
- Unique ‘mag-lock’ system keeps the tail out of the way until you need it
- 5.10 base sole

Features from previous Vampire

- Semi-rigid foam leading edge of the armwing
- Over the shoulder wing zip attachment allows the suit to be fitted to a rig in seconds
- Integrated arm wing sleeve design.
- Rigid wingtip grippers.
- Adjustable arm tension swoop cords.
- Low-drag materials.
- Loop wing release handles with cover flap.
- Pilot Chute Leg-Pouch.
- Foam lining on arm sleeves and knee area.
- Sturdy 1.9 Oz balloon ZP construction, reinforced in the critical areas
- Market leading build quality


- Parapack or Cameroon ultra light fabric
- 5.10 BASE soles
- Openings for belly mount camera attachment