current production time : Pack / Canopies 12 weeks
Vampire 5

The Vampire 5 has been designed for the most demanding pilots who wants the best performances.
Allready, it's superior glide, precise control and high forward speed have made the Vampires the weapon of choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers and serious wingsuit skydivers.

Vampire 5 confirms the vampire serie to be the best choice for aggressive terrain flying - allowing fast, sharp, precise turns at high speed, without losing altitude.
The fastest suit ever built by Phoenix-Fly, combining super quick inflation, superior glide, and blistering forward speed gets you flying right from the start

The Vampire 5 :

The Vampire 5 was designed with both BASE jumpers and skydivers in mind. Whilst the focus of the Vampire 5 has been to improve gliding and carving performance the new arm wing design also improves the slow speed flying characteristics of the suit compared to its predecessors which will appeal to skydiver.

The V5 is not an “off the shelf” product, but rather a tailor-made suit designed to fit the exact measurements of the pilot. Each suit is unique and customized to fit your body, maximizing comfort and performance.

Due to the large wing surface area the Vampire 5 is not suitable for low experience pilots.
We recommend a minimum of 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the Vampire.

New features

- New leg wing air inlets that provides extremely rapid wing inflation and pressurisation
- Unique ‘mag-lock’ system keeps the tail out of the way until you need it
- 5.10 base sole

Features from previous Vampire

- Semi-rigid foam leading edge of the armwing
- Over the shoulder wing zip attachment allows the suit to be fitted to a rig in seconds
- Integrated arm wing sleeve design.
- Rigid wingtip grippers.
- Adjustable arm tension swoop cords.
- Low-drag materials.
- Loop wing release handles with cover flap.
- Pilot Chute Leg-Pouch.
- Foam lining on arm sleeves and knee area.
- Sturdy 1.9 Oz balloon ZP construction, reinforced in the critical areas
- Market leading build quality


- Parapack or Cameroon ultra light fabric
- 5.10 BASE soles
- Openings for belly mount camera attachment